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Choosing Between Different Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring Types

Pre-finished hardwood floor coverings have actually gone through numerous changes since hardwood floor coverings ended up being the trendy alternative for floors in many new homes. At one time, when you purchased hardwood, you purchased the wood unfinished. This implied that when you installed it, you then needed to stain the floor and offer it a protective coat and a shine.

Today, you can still purchase unfinished hardwood, however with many of the types of pre-finished woods currently available, you can conserve yourself a great deal of work by purchasing it pre-finished hardwood.

What are the Various Choices?

Each pre-finished wood flooring maker and manufacturer has different color selections available together with various sizes of boards and surfaces.

For sizes:

The density of boards for pre-finished wood floors can vary from 1/4 inch thick to 3/4 inch thick. The top layer of the is the most crucial due to the fact that it is the part that has to sustain the wear and tear of you and your family, and maybe even your pets. The thicker the layer is, the more times you can refinish the wood floorings in the future.

The various widths you can pick from are a matter of personal taste. When you check out a floor covering shop in person, you can experiment by laying the boards of different widths of hardwood side-by- side to see what effect it would create.

The side edges of the wood floor boards are also an important element to think about. You can pick micro bevel, likewise called reduced edge, bevelled, and square edged wood boards. Each one of these accomplishes a different visual effect and needs to match the overall look and feel you’re going for.

For colors:

The kinds of stains and finishes used, which makes these pre-finished, also vary according to manufacturer, however these are applied in a factory under ideal settings no matter what wood you finally settle on. Typically, hardwood floors have seven coats of finish on them, which is what you’ll normally find in most shops and online when they sell the bundles of pre-finished hardwood.

The most recent popular finish on the market for pre-finished hardwood floor coverings include aluminum oxide, but there are also acrylic, urethane or UV cured among the surfaces. There are also numerous levels of sheen– gloss, semi-gloss and mat.

The number of coats on the the wood will determine the level of shine that you have. But, as stated before, most available will come with seven layers.

Wrap Up

Although unfinished hardwood flooring is still popular, pre-finished wood floor coverings comprise over half of the sales for wood floors. This is due tot he fact that it allows individuals to redesign their houses with less time and without the need for hiring a professional. All you need to do is install the flooring without needing to fret about stains, coatings, fumes or drying time.

The ease of setup with this type of hardwood flooring makes them the preferred choice with many contractors and developers too.

Faux wood flooring is also a progressively popular item when people desire the appearance of wood floorings without the costly price tag. Though they also come in different colors, you will normally not get the same variety in the kinds of hardwood styles that you can have for your floor.

When you select pre-finished wood floor panels, you can select from numerous types of wood, like bamboo, maple, oak, and more, each with its own advantages and distinct qualities.

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